Blake Lively convinced 'A Simple Favor' director to use Ryan Reynolds' gin in movie

'A Simple Favor' film premiere at The Museum Of Modern Art - Red Carpet ArrivalsFeaturing: Blake Lively, Ryan ReynoldsWhere: New York, New York, United StatesWhen: 11 Sep 2018Credit: Ivan Nikolov/

(WENN) - Blake Lively convinced director Paul to use husband Ryan Reynolds' gin in her new movie 'A Simple Favor.'

'The Town' star's character in the film, Emily, only drinks martinis made with Aviation American Gin, the company Reynolds became an owner of in February (18). Feig reveals he was trying to get permission to feature another liquor company, but went with the Deadpool 2's company after Blake suggested it to him. However, he was not aware Ryan owned the company.

"At the time, I was trying to clear another gin, and Blake's like, 'Hey! Ryan's got this gin that he really likes!' She really liked the company and everybody involved," he tells Cosmopolitan. "And I wouldn't have done it if I didn't like the look of it on the screen, but I really thought the bottle looked fantastic."

"So I, honestly, didn't even realize the level of involvement that (Ryan) had in it, but I think it's great, because it's a really good gin," he adds.

Paul also reveals Blake was heavily involved in her character's wardrobe.

"We invented the (white striped suit) look (that is featured on the movie's posters) when we were putting the movie together, back in one of our first meetings with Renee Kalfus our wardrobe designer," he adds. "As we were finishing up, putting everything together, I had seen a couple of pictures of her in suits, then she contacted me and she said, 'You know what, I'm just gonna keep going with the suits to help promote the movie'."