Dog gets second chance at life after surviving euthanasia

A young blue heeler mix is getting a second chance at life after he was euthanized -- but survived. (CBS Austin)

A young blue heeler mix is getting a second chance at life after he was euthanized -- but survived.

Just days ago, Valor was a desperate dog who caught the attention of last chance animal rescue group, Cuz I Matter.

"We started hearing about Valor on a social network. We hear about a lot of our dogs that way," explains foster coordinator Lorrie Anding.

In two years, Cuz I Matter Animal Rescue has saved 411 animals and adopted 308 of them -- but Valor's story stood out.

"He was euthanized. Apparently either the dose wasn't right or something was botched and he woke up. He had been discarded with the other animals," Anding explains.

She says Valor was found roaming the streets -- mostly blind as a result of the failed attempt to end his life but that didn't stop Kathryn Lippert and her family from opening up their hearts and their home.

"Even getting him over here was a horrific experience for him. He didn't want to be touched. He hated the collar and his leash. I couldn't feed him by hand. He wasn't taking treats," Lippert explains.

After two days of head scratches and turkey cold cuts, things are turning around.

"His tail is wagging when he hears his name now, and it's just really wonderful to see that," says Lippert.

Valor's road to recovery will be a long one.

"He's a really strong dog and that's why I chose the name Valor," explains Lippert. He'll soon start heartworm treatment while waiting for a family of his own.

"He really needs a home that's positive, and I think that if they have other dogs that he can get along with and they are patient with him I think he's going to be a great family dog. He wants to be a part of a family," she says.

Valor -- the dog who got a second chance and is willing to give people another chance, too.

For more information about Valor and other dogs available for adoption through Cuz I Matter Animal Rescue, click here. The organization is also seeking donations and fosters. You can also follow the rescue on Facebook.