Kentucky hunter bags buck with two heads; one had already been dead

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources

BALLARD COUNTY, Ky. (WZTV) - A Kentucky hunter bagged quite the unique deer last week: a buck with two heads.

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources said the hunter, Bob Long, saw huge antlers when he went to aim - but the discovery of the buck was "astounding."

As assumed, one buck head was attached to the deer that was just shot. The other, however, was already decomposing and had apparently been dead for quite a while.

The antlers of both deer heads were intertwined.

"It's unclear exactly what circumstances led up to this buck's carrying around another set of antlers and part of a decomposing carcass. Regardless, it was truly a rare harvest," the wildlife wrote on Facebook.

USA Today reports wildlife officials believe the decaying head belonged to a deer that "had been dead for weeks after locking its antlers in a fight."